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malcolm in the middle
hal (bryan cranston)


he's good on skates.


my dad - he's always thinking about something. we just have no idea what it is. at least it keeps him occupied.


this is hal, my dad.

dad's really hairy. mum has to shave his back, because it itches under his shirt. i wouldn't mind, but she does it at the breakfast table.

i guess we should also respect him. he knows lots about sports, sleeps on the couch, and gets to watch more tv than we do.

he's a total fanatic about skating. he doesnt even call it skating, he calls it "the brotherhood of the wheel". he taught francis and reese to skate, and it scarred them for life. he's going to teach me soon, too. it may involve dancing.

dad says that he wants to dedicate his page to rusty malcolm.

"the greatest man in the history of stock car racing. maybe the greatest man ever."