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malcolm in the middle
lois (jane kaczmarek)


she is the law.


the lord-high magistrate and executioner, ultimate arbiter and dispenser of justice, inflicter of guilt and most supreme master of remote.


this is lois. she's my mum.

she walks around the house naked. her boss fancies her (gross!). she always knows best. why can't she settle for knowing too much?

she's really good at embarrassing us. i mean, when francis got sick she gave him a sponge bath in the hospital. does she think we have no pride? and then there was the time she lost her job, and we had to eat lumpy stuff. the neighbours gave us food parcels.

sometimes she can be really cool though. like when i felt bad about hitting the little kid, she told me that i have a concience. it shouldn't have made me feel better, but it did.