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malcolm in the middle
meet malcolm




"the best thing about childhood is... at some point it stops." malcolm

malcolm in the middle is NOT a simpsons clone. it's not just another american series about a whackily disfunctional family. it's not just another programme about the agony of growing up and going to high school. it's different. it's the story of a child genius. einstein goes to school? yawn!

malcolm is a perfectly ordinary kid who suddenly discovers he's a genius. no longer is he just happy and well-adjusted and good at skateboarding. he's now special.

his iq is 165, he's now in an elite class full of gifted (and weird) kids, and people are suddenly treating him differently - especially his family.


his family?

malcolm's parents

malcolm's parents are hal (bryan cranston) and lois (jane kaczmarek) - you'll like them. she's an expert in psychological torture, he's dim.

malcolm's oldest - and favourite - brother is francis (christopher kennedy masterson), who has been sent away to military camp. he's malcolm's guru and he's frankly cool.

reese (justin berfield) is the second oldest brother. he's good at hitting things. mostly people.

malcolm (frankie muniz) is the over-gifted middle brother.

dewey (erik per sullivan) is the youngest. according to malcolm, he's "trapped somewhere between toddler and hamster".

trust me. you'll like it.