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malcolm in the middle
tv guide, september 9-15



malcolm in the middle - starts: november 5

where we left off: on vacation at wavetown usa, malcolm (frankie muniz), in a moment of reckless empowerment, pushed his mother, lois (jane kaczmarek), into the liquidator's tunnel-and she promptly dragged malcolm and his brother reese (justin berfield) along with her. hal (bryan cranston) was nearby, quietly drinking rum from a suntan-lotion bottle. back home, dewey (erik per sullivan)-having waved good-bye to the best baby-sitter he ever had (bea arthur) - chased a red balloon down the street and into parts of town unknown.

the big news: so, where's dewey? creator and executive producer linwood boomer says that the jug-eared junior will be home by the time the rest of the family - stuck in the mother of all traffic jams - get there. but before that, viewers will see him "kind of al over the place, actually taking a journey."

malcolm in love: "i might have a girlfriend in the new season," says muniz. "i think malcolm would go for someone normal, not smart."

wham, bam: "bryan and i have a fun little episode where we enjoy each other in the backseat of the car," kaczmarek. lois will also be held up at gunpoint at work. and the boys will accidentally wander onto an artillery range. "we're going to keep up the idiotic behavior that leads to life-threatening situations," boomer promises.

tough love: elder sibling and accomplished rebel francis (christopher kennedy masterson) will remain in military school in alabama and continue to phone home much more than his family can possibly afford.

matt says: domestic terrorism has never been funnier than when lois is on the rampage. and as long as the boys and that goofy lunk she calls her husband - continue giving her aggravation, home sweet home will remain the merriest of the battlegrounds.