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malcolm in the middle
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if you're a major fan of the smash fox-tv series malcolm in the middle (and who isn't? it's one of the bestest shows on tv!) then you know it stars two of the cutest, sweetest and most swell guys on the tube - frankie muniz, who plays mischievous malcolm, and justin berfield, who portrays tough-guy reese. superteen recently got the chance to sit down and chat with both of 'em - and we got all the low down on these cutie-patooties!

jumpin' with justin!

superteen: so tell us all about yourself?
justin: well, my full name is justin tyler berfield, and i was born on february 25, 1986 - i'm 14. i have an older brother who's 17. i have a bunch of pets - dogs, cats, and a miniature pot-belly pig named arnold.

superteen: wow! what made you decide to become an actor?
justin: well, a friend of mine was an actor, and i saw him going out on auditions, and i thought it looked cool. my first job was a commercial for folgers coffee.

superteen: do you think you'll be an actor all your life?
justin: not the rest of my life, because i want to be a veteriarian. or i'd like to get into producing, writing or directing. that way if i can't act, i'll have something else i can do.

superteen: are you a lot like your character, reese?
justin: no...i don't go around beating people! i don't think i'm as loud as reese - he's always telling his mother what she's doing wrong, and i would never do that.

superteen: what is your relationship like with your real-life brother?
justin: we get along, but we also fight. it's weird - we can be the biggest enemies and the best of friends.

superteen: describe yourself to our readers?
justin: i guess i'm a nice guy. i guess i'm easy to talk to. you don't have to make up lies to impress me - i don't care who you are, sas long as you're nice.

superteen: are you and frankie friends off screen?
justin: definitely. he's so easy to talk to, because we're not the same age. we talk about everything - he knows what's going on!

superteen: if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
justin: probably my height - i'm 5'2". i'd like to be taller.

superteen: what are your likes and dislikes?
justin: i hate people who think they're better than someone else, just because they have something. i had when pizza is al l greasy and you need a napkin. i hate drinks that are diluted - you get them, and the ice is melted and you get them, and the ice is melted and you can't taste anything. i like my hair longer - this is the longer its been in a while. i like it when i can sleep in. i like getting better when i'm sick - i hate being sick, because you have to stay in bed all weekend and it's no fun!