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malcolm in the middle
usa weekend - january 23-27 2002



who's news

justin berfield is a 15-year-old with grown-up sensibilities. he gets good grades (he's home-schooled), likes to read about the civil war and has a new favorite sport: golf. "i got invited to a tournament last year, when i'd never even picked up a club," he tells us. "i tried to whack at the ball, and it's going everywhere ... so i decided to get lessons." justin, who lives in l.a. with his parents and older brother lorne - who acted in the early '90s - holds a red belt in the martial art tang soo do and is an avid snowboarded and certified scuba diver. he gets his driver's license next month and already has planned the first outing in his new car, a silver mercedes c320 sedan. "my friend and i are going to take it down some winding canyons to test the steering. but i don't want to drive it that much. i don't want it to get ruined." he's equally cautious about girls. "i'm not the dating type. i don't need to be seen with a girl on my arm. if one comes around, it comes around."