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malcolm in the middle 1/30/02



the lighter side of reese: "reese has a soft side especially when it comes to girls. id like to see him get into more relationships. its so funny to see how he reacts when he likes a girl."

close to his character: "no way i dont go around beating up kids or stealing their lunch money! and im not that stupid. but i think justin is a real character. he says what ever he wants.

that laugh: "it sounds like a chipmunk. and the weird thing is it wasnt in the script. i just did it myself when we were filming. i was goofing around and then the director said "hey do that again." so i did it. it just snowballed from there."

any advice for reese? "calm down"

what did you buy with your first big paycheck? "a new mercury mountaineer. i was so excited to get it. i wanted a new car for a million years because our old car was 8 years old and dirty. i was embarrassed to go anywhere in it. when id meet my friends somewhere id have my mom drop me off a hundred yards away. "id rather walk." cause i was so embarrassed about the car.

would you ever want the malcolm family to be your own? "that would be a lot of fun. if your punishment is running around in circles, id love that. its better then getting your tv and stuff taken away."