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malcolm in the middle
malcolm (frankie muniz)


this is me!


reese is out of my hair and in high school, my skin is clearing up and i think my mom's ready to start treating me with respect. this year is gonna be so different. isn't it? ISN'T IT?!


this is me. i'm normal. apart from the genius bit.

i'm malcolm, and i'm so smart i'm in a special class. the krelboyne class sucks. it's full of weirdoes and geeks and me. they make us do square dancing displays. i think it's just so the other kids can throw stuff at us.

my family don't really understand that i'm clever. mum thinks it's cute, and reese thinks it's a good excuse to hit me. they never bother to remember phone numbers now, because they know i can do it for them.

i miss francis now he's off at military school. he's always on the end of the phone when i need advice, but only if i get the pin code first. dad isn't too happy about our phone bills now.

my best mate is stevie kenarban. he's a krelboyne too. i thought he was really odd until i saw his collection of comics. it's totally awesome. i took him out for a night on the town when i had a sleepover there. his wheelchair got stolen. i mean, who steals a wheelchair?